Jordan appoints a new ambassador to Iraq after it withdrew its last one in 2014

Map. History of Iraq conflict

20 September 2018
ISIS jihadists killed 4 Hashd Al-Shaabi PMU militiamen in the villages of Dabb and Tal Khadija in Kirkuk Province
Photos taken earlier of Federal Police units during their searches in Gharib village, which has been the focal point of ISIS attacks in recent days.
The moment of demolishing Slemani's Silo
Jordan appoints a new ambassador to Iraq after it withdrew its last one in 2014
KDP official, advisor to KDP president: "Had a productive, open and detailed discussions with Iranian consul general and consulte staff on boosting bilateral relations"
For January 24-30, the Netherlands says its F-16s carried out 6 strikes near Ar Ramadi, Iraq and near Abu Kamal, Syria: on ISIS buildings and formations, an HQ and a storage facility. Jets also supported ground troops in 12 missions
OIR Spokesman: A @CJTFOIR service member died Jan. 31 in what appears to be a non-combat-related incident. Name and circumstances will be released at the discretion of the pertinent national authorities. The incident is under investigation.
Erbil and Baghdad have agreed on 4 main points, including lifting air embargo on international flights - KRG Interior Minister
Department of State:[email protected]: "The @Coalition to defeat ISIS has captured almost 100 percent of the territory once held by these killers in Iraq and Syria." =
Iraqi Kurdistan regional Parliament called on the @UN and the international community "to make immediate efforts to stop the unjust Turkish attacks on Afrin"
Iraqi forces start large security operation in Najaf, Muthana and Dhi Qar provinces, reaching to Basra, searching for ISIS fighters fleeing Anbar. Operation is scheduled to last 3 days.
Iraqi Kurdistan region Parliament holds a special session on Turkey's offensive on Afrin
4 PMUs were KIA when their checkpoint SW of Kirkuk city was attacked
Brigade 56 suffered one KIA yesterday after ISIS attacked a unit in Muzhurih village and those elements have been surrounded at Fadikhih village.
PM Abadi meets @ShaswarQadir
Iraqi Government to send Kurdistan Region $210 million for the salaries of Kurdish state employees
Iraq starts repairing Baiji oil refinery unit - ministry
Iraqi central government lifts all financial sanctions on Kurdistan Region banks.
Iraqi Kurdish Region Peshmerga denies it is advancing on Kirkuk
Turkish Air Force reportedly destroyed 11 PKK targets in the Qandil Mountains of Iraq.
All Iraqi Army units have departed Kirkuk province and moved to Ninawa province. Local police take over Army's positions in Kirkuk province.
The number of killed Iraq police/local security force has reached 20. New reports claim, Iraq police responded US fire, but could not manage to deal with.
Iraq command says "armed group" stricken by coalition jets in Anbar
Several local security forces in Anbar were killed when a lack of communication caused a close quarters clash which led to a coalition air support strike.
US chopper opened fire on Iraq-i police in Baghdadiyah town of Anbar/Iraq killing 7 Iraq-i policemen and local guard and injuring at least 10.
7 month ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.6 - 24km SSE of Mandali, Iraq
Local currency exchange owner in Iraq fights back against armed robbers , gun shots exchanged between the two
US authorities accuse two Seattle-based men of attempting to smuggle more than 70 firearms to Kurdish forces in Iraq. The weapons were hidden in the door cavities of used cars - a well-worn method used by traffickers in the US.
National Security Service have foiled a terrorist attempt to attack Al-Hajij village (20km North Tikrit) Suicide vest and Weapons have been found
Yesterday's attack at Gharib village: 25-40 ISIS being involved. A joint force from the Army and Federal Police arrived to the area today. Unfortunately, one of the wounded Brigade 56 died today. Total is 4 dead
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