Two Shia Turkmen 'severely' wound a Kurd in Tuz Khurmatu

Map. History of Iraq conflict

20 April 2018
ISIS wages attack on Anbar province, clashes with Iraqi army — local sources.
Two Shia Turkmen 'severely' wound a Kurd in Tuz Khurmatu
Iraqi forces launch an operation against ISIS sleep cells in western Baiji
Iranian-born Green Party (@Die_Gruenen) Bundestag deputy @nouripour says that Washington needs to "calm down" on Syria. Respecting international treaties, he adds, is the best way to stop Iran getting nuclear weapons
3 day ago
KRG delegation have met Turkish president Erdogan and Turkish economic minister in Istanbul.
3 day ago
Had a good discussion with MFA @MevlutCavusoglu on preparations for the NATO summit in July, when we plan to launch a NATO training mission in Iraq. I count on Turkey's support and future contributions to it - @jensstoltenberg
3 day ago
Turkey also helps build stability abroad: as part of our @ResoluteSupport mission, contributing to @NATO_KFOR and supporting training for Iraqi officers - @jensstoltenberg
Iraq new T-90S tanks shown by Ministry of Defence for first time following delivery from Russia earlier this year
Iraq new T-90S tanks shown by Ministry of Defence for first time following delivery from Russia earlier this year
Explosion in middle of Kirkuk city, Iraq, kills 1 civilian and injures 5. Turkmon leader was target of attack but escaped.
Turkey says its air force has killed PKK leader in north Iraq.
People in the Iraqi city of Basra protest against trilateral airstrikes by US, UK and France on Syrian government targets.
6 day ago
Khamenei: The U.S. played a major role in creating ISIS, they entered where ISIS was trapped to save them. They raised the wicked creatures [ISIS] with Saudi money, turning them [ISIS] lose on Iraqi and Syrian nations; but, resistance against the US and their agents saved these countries.
Russian delegate to UN: We warn against repeating the scenarios of Iraq and Libya in Syria
Russian ambassador to the UK likens possible military action against the Syrian government to the Iraq war
ISIS attacks Iraqi Army checkpoint in north Diyala province. 1 soldier injured.
3 soldiers killed, 5 others wounded in Bradost
A report indicated that Yazdanpanah, PAK Kurdish leader, car was shot at today #Erbil
Islamic State claims to have killed and wounded 4 Hashd Al-Shaabi militiamen #PMU during an attack wirh the explosive device east of #TalAfar
Islamic State claims to have damaged a Hummer and killed / wounded several Iraqi #ISF soldiers during an attack east of #Ruthba in Anbar Province
At least 16 dead in Iraq attack at funeral of anti-IS fighters: official
10 killed, 14 injured in bombing in Shirqat Iraq
Iraqi local police arrest 6 ISIS members in Wahda neighborhood of West Mosul.
In Rashad area in southwest Kirkuk province, Iraq, ISIS attacks Fed Police patrol and injures 4. ISIS kills man in front of his family for cooperating with security forces. ISIS destroys 2 homes and burns 3 others.
Slovakia is making major contributions to NATO mission in Iraq - last month I saw how Slovak instructors are training local security forces there - @jensstoltenberg
ISIS attacks Iraqi PMU (Hashd) base in south Kirkuk city, Saladin province. 4 PMU injured
Regiment 11 and Ninth Brigade with the help of Iraqi Air Force repelled Two isis attacks on East of Ad Dawr and Albu Ajil Valley
2 suicide bombers were ambushed by Iraq's army after intelligence indicated that they were about to target processions of Shi'a pilgrims in northern Baghdad. Ambush set up in Tarmiyah, outside the house they were staying in. Both killed
Islamic State says it blown up a house of a Hashd Al-Shaabi militiaman #PMU in #Tarmiya north of #Baghdad #Irak
Islamic State announces that it damaged a SUV and killed / wounded several Hashd Al-Shaabi #PMU militiamen during a tense ambush east of #Tikrit in #Salahaddin #Irak province
Iraqi forces arrest 13 suspected ISIS in East Mosul one day after arresting 15 in West Mosul.
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