Firebrand cleric Sadr on course to win Iraq election

Map. History of Iraq conflict

18 September 2018
Sadr leads in Iraqi parliamentary election with 54 seats: figures
Improvised explosive device in Dibs district in Kirkuk province, Iraq, kills 3 tribal PMU (Hashd).
Looks like an airstrike just took place somewhere south of Mosul. Uploaded by a STR trooper.
Iraqi court sentences 'senior terrorist' to death over murder of Russian diplomat
Kurdistan Region's @PMBarzani meets with US envoy @Brett_McGurk following #IraqElection results.
Iraqi air force destroys the headquarters of the Daesh in Syria
Firebrand cleric Sadr on course to win Iraq election
Iraqi National Coalition party, led by Deputy President of Iraq, calls for cancellation of election results due to irregularities.
Iraqi Ninawa Police arrest 3 ISIS in east Mosul.
Eleven people injured by gunfire in Sulaimani: official
Governor of Iraq's Kirkuk: The elections results in Kirkuk are dangerous and illogical
Dual roadside bombs in south Hawija district, Kirkuk province, Iraq, kill tribal Sheikh and his son and injure 3 others.
President of Turkoman Front: the situation in Kirkuk city, Iraq, is extremely dangerous after election fraud.
Iraqi security sources: 1st is party led by Haider Abadi, followed by the party of Moqtada al-Sadr
Iraqi PM orders security forces to impose order in Kurdish region and Kirkuk province in wake of violence in Sulamaniya province following elections. Orders neutrality in dealing with vote counting process.
Iraq's election body has said preliminary results will be available 24-48 hours after the polls closed.
Iraqi security forces have imposed curfew in Kirkuk as tensions mount ahead of Iraqi elections results.
Electoral Commission: The percentage of participation in the elections reached 44.52% of the total number of voters
Hashd al-Shaabi's al-Fatih Coalition is ahead of Haider al-Abadi's al-Nasr Coalition in many areas Iraq - pro-Hashd al-Shaabi media. #IraqiElections
Kurdistan Region's @PMBarzani calls on violence to end in Sulaimani, says attacks on political party offices must end. #IraqElection
Civilians have headed towards Gorran Headquarters to defend it from PUK militiamen attacks — @ZagrosToday
Five Kurdish parties reject primary results of Iraqi Parliamentary elections #IraqiElections2018
Gunfire over Gorran hill #Iraqelection2018
Security forces have surrounded the hill and ordering people from reaching the hill.
PUK forces attacking Gorran's Sulaimani headquarters: reports #IraqElection
Gorran movement: Our main headquarters in Zargata are under armed attack
Sources of the Iraqi Commission: the turnout in the elections nearly 32%
Niqash journalist @Mustafa_Habib33 spoke to IHEC. Voter turnout by 12pm as follows: Baghdad 12%, Diyala 23%, Maysan 23%, Muthanna 22%, Wasit 22%, Dhi Qar 21%, Diwaniya 21%, Karbala 19%, Najaf 17%.
Iraqi forces arrest man with 150 voter ID cards at voting center in Hit city in west Anbar province. Earlier today, 3 persons arrested in Saladin province with 150 voter ID cards.
Iraqi Prime Minister orders opening of all border crossings and airports in Iraq.
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