Large-scale op launched by Iraq's Federal Police to sweep through the desert region west of Samarra all the way to Lake Tharthar.

Map. History of Iraq conflict

18 August 2018
Iraqi Security Council, chaired by PM Abadi, refuses the politicization of Irag's position on new US sanctions against Iran. Iraq has deep relations with Iran but is forced to support US sanctions.
Large-scale op launched by Iraq's Federal Police to sweep through the desert region west of Samarra all the way to Lake Tharthar.
One person was killed by an attack on armed militias targeting him in the middle of Al-Amara, Maysan Province.
Photos from earlier in the day. There is a minor presence of sleeper cells on some of the islands in the Tigris so these areas have been struck as well.
Iraq PM Haider al-Abadi cancels visit to sanctions-hit Iran
KRG Electoral Commission sets September 5 as official start date of election campaigns for the September 30 parliamentary elections.
Iraqi Army to take control of Mosul city and Baiji oil refinery, despite Hashd al-Shaabi objections
Chief of Staff of the Kurdish Peshmerga forces Jamal Eminki says that there's not any negotiation between KRG and Iraqi Government to redeploying the Peshmerga Forces in Kirkuk and other disputed areas.
Head of Iraq's Popular Mobilization Units orders the shutdown of all PMU political and economical offices in all provinces of Iraq. Additionally, all PMU forces will withdraw from Mosul.
SDF are building and manning border posts on the border with Iraq,with cooperation with the Iraqi Forces,and are looking for ISIS hideouts and tunnels
Iraq: Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi will visit Tehran and Ankara on Monday
Another explosion took place yesterday at a site west of Karbala. Al-Abbas Combat Division considers both of these incidents to be hostile acts after concluding their investigation on how the ammunition was stored.
Demonstrations in Basra in front of the governorate building on Friday
Salahaddin Isis attack on the Bajari area in Baiji district, after cutting off electricity and killing and wounding 12 members of the tribal crowd in an initial outcome..
Iraqi PM's coalition reaches deal to form government. Victory Bloc, Sairoon coalition, National Wisdom Movement, National Coalition move one step closer to drawing up government.
OIR Spokesman: The ISF located and destroyed a cache in Anbar for explosives that Daesh used to target civilians. While Daesh continues their fruitless attempt to regain influence, the ISF is protecting Iraq from militants
From Brigade 53 Lalish governmentnt commader: there is no truth to withdrawals of PMF from Sinjar or the border strip. The brigades on the border are rotating out their units and replacing them with another.
An explosion was reported in military depot belong to The Brigade of Abu al-Fadl al-Abbas wich's a part of Iraqi PMF Militia near Karbala
Iraq's election recount prompted by fraud allegations showed almost no difference from the initial tally
Iraq government has begun blocking Iranian goods entering Iraq starting from today (complying with US sanctions on the Iranian government).
Iraq: The leader of the Sadrist movement, Moqtada al-Sadr, threatens to move to the opposition if his 40 conditions not met
From now on, according to US sanctions. Iraq can't sell Kirkuk crude Oil to Iran.
Yesterday, IS claimed to have conducted two major attacks on security forces, one East of Tikrit, second in Mashahada district of North Baghdad, killing and wounding 55 Iraqi soldiers. Besides these ones, rides in Kirkuk, Anbar, Ramadi and Makmour.
Iraq Islamic State Claims Killing 27 Army Personnel and Wounding 11 Others In An Attacks In Albu Firas and Albu Jarna Areas In Mashahada District North Of Baghdad.
Fierce clashes between Turkish army and PKK in Del mount, northern Erbil.
Complete power outage in Dhi Qar Province, Iraq, because of power station malfunction in Nasiraya city.
Iraqi Ninawa Police arrest ISIS official in the Daur Sukr area of West Mosul. He was responsible for the Diwan of Charitable Contributions of Shurqat area.
Inherent Resolve:[email protected]'s deputy commander for operations and intelligence, USAF Maj. Gen. Chad Franks, took a backseat ride in a Iraqi F-16 at Balad Airbase Aug. 6. The IAF has demonstrated their commitment to security within their borders as evidenced by their ability to destroy Daesh.
ISIS attacks army checkpoints north of Baghdad in Buhayrat area of al-Tarimiya district. Attacks fail and 3 ISIS killed and 1 Iraqi soldier injured.
Brigade 21 Badr Military Wing ambushed and killed 3 ISIS attempting to infiltrate a security area in Al-Dour district, Salahuddin.
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