Reports that 10 civilians have been killed by militants at a fake checkpoint on the Baghdad-Kirkuk highway

Map. History of Iraq conflict

24 September 2018
US Amb. Douglas Silliman on launch of Iraqi Governance Performance and Accountability Program: 'This program helps the government of Kurdistan better manage its money, better determine how services are provided and monitor whether the services are being delivered.'
Brigade 1 thwarted an attack by ISIS involving vehicles and managed to destroy one of the cars with Kornet while the rest of the militants fled to the interior of Hasakah Governorate. Incident took place in vicinity of Jughifi.
ISIS were targeted on Mount Jarrah near Hawija by Army Aviation today.
ISIS militants attacking Iraqi forces security points in Adhaim لعظيم southern Tuz Khurmatu. Casualties feared.
Reports that 10 civilians have been killed by militants at a fake checkpoint on the Baghdad-Kirkuk highway
Clashes erupted between Iraqi forces and ISIS militants southern Mosul.
7 ISIS fighters killed in US-led coalition airstrike south of the Qarachugh mountain range, one kilometer from Peshmerga front lines
Coalition warplanes have targeted ISIS bases beneath Karachukh mount, Makhmour.
Iraqi Ninawa Police: there are still 11K people missing from the time ISIS took Iraq in 2014 until it was captured. Mostly young men.
Iraqi arrested in Rasafa area of Baghdad accused of having sold weapons to ISIS.
Mosul governor has given 10 days of ultimatom for PKK to leave Sinjar/Iraq.
Iraqi Ninawa Council gives PKK 10 days to clear out of Sinjar. PKK are occupying a number of government buildings in Sinjar.
Unnamed local Iraqi Police source says PMU (Hashd) has arrested 13 young men from their homes in Mosul without legal warrants. Men are suspected of being linked to ISIS but families say they are innocent and ask PM to intervene.
Turkey says its fighter aircraft have destroy 18 PKK targets in Iraqi Kurdish Region in north Iraq.
Iraqi Federal Police and PMU (Hashd) start security operation in Hawija district southwest of Kirkuk city to find ISIS sleeper cells. PMU says it is using new methods through the creation of special forces selected from all its brigades.
Turkish warplanes destroy 18 Kurdish militant targets in Iraq: Anadolu
Iraqi local official in Diyala province announces start of large investigation to determine who is responsible for repeated improvised explosive device attacks in 2 villages northeast of Baquba.
Islamic State re-grouping in Kirkuk, Mosul, warns Peshmerga spokesman
Reports that a major offensive is imminent in Kirkuk province. Iraq's armed forces (including the Hashd) are prepped and awaiting the green light from PM @HaiderAlAbadi
Assyrian Monitor for Human Rights calls for investigation of murder of Christian doctor, his wife and daughter in their home in Mashtal area of Baghdad. Murdered by unknown armed group on 8 March.
Iraqi PMU militias targeting the village of Al-Atashana in the southern countryside of Al-Hasakah near the Syrian-Iraqi border with mortars.
The budget is not satisfactory because we think it's not enough to maintain macroeconomic stability in Kurdistan, which is an important region of Iraq - IMF
Iraqi PMU (Hashd): the Iraqi Army has become a support force for PMU.
Iraqi MP: Maliki will not oppose leader of Badr Organization in becoming next PM.
Iraqi Government to send a delegation to finalize the procedures of lifting the air embargo on Kurdistan airports tomorrow 11-March.
1 Soldier of the Counter Terror Service was KIA in Kirkuk city after his unit was struck by a RPG-7 while defending a local Turkmen Headquarters.
Iraqi PMU (Hashd) Asa'ib Ahl al-Haqq: government must preserve our independence. We don't want to be incorporated into Iraqi Security Forces, or we will lose our doctrine. We need to be developed like Counter-terrorism service, Emergency Response Div and Fed Police.
The sister of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's charged for "offering logistic support and help to [the militants] in carrying out criminal acts." Al-Baghdadi's sister sentenced to death in Iraq
6 month ago
Turkish troops to align with Baghdad in operation against PKK in Kurdistan: FM
Muslim Brotherhood in Iraq: Iran can become our best and closest partner in Iraq. We welcome Iranian advisors in Sunni areas to help rebuild them. We face 2 challenges - expelling militants and the US occupation.
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