Turkish drone activity in the Kurdistan area of Iraq - near Gunde Hore - there have been airstrikes by Turkish AF in the past few years against the PKK.

Map. History of Iraq conflict

23 September 2018
US army deployed forces on Sinjar mount. According to multiple sources US to establish a military base around.
Four Turkish fighter jets bombarding PKK bases in Sidakan area northern Erbil.
Turkish drone activity in the Kurdistan area of Iraq - near Gunde Hore - there have been airstrikes by Turkish AF in the past few years against the PKK.
OIR Spokesman: Iraqi Security Forces continue to hunt down Daesh militants. They are finding tunnels and other hiding spaces, and destroying
Russia's Chechen Kadyrov vows to rescue 94 Russian children from prison in Iraq
Turkish Armed Forcesand intelligence have advanced into Bradost region in Northern Iraq and taken positions to fight outlawed PKK org.
Reports of clashes between Kurdish militias and Iraqi PMU near Al Baghuz of Syria-Iraq border
Iranian official: our advisors in Iraq and Syria are there at the request of the Iraqi and Syrian governments. They are there to help fight terrorism.
Iraq Mosul - Security forces seize 100 explosive devices -
A unit of Turkish army entered a village in the Kurdistan Region’s sub-district of Sidakan on Thursday (May 31). The Turkish army’s unit entered Barmiza village with military vehicles met with the villagers in the village’s mosque.
Turkish soldiers met with Kurdish villagers in a village in Northern Iraq.Soldiers underlined that their target is Pkk militants, not Kurds.
Iraqi army launches operation against ISIS in Syria
15 fighters from the Salahuddin and Hawija PMUs were killed in the month of May. 11 from IEDs, 1 assassination, 3 from clashes.
Turkish Armed Forces have advanced into Bradost in Northern Iraq and taken positions to fight PKK.
Big development today from multiple sources in the ISF: 9th Armored Division has returned to Hawija administrative district.
Qayyarah fighters in cooperation with local police arrested two ISIS from Asdira village earlier.
It appears that some commercial airlines have decided to move flights to corridors over Iraq instead of Iran, possibly because of pending re-imposition of US sanctions.
Despite the defeat of ISIS as a territorial entity in Iraq, almost 100 civilians still died in terrorist and conflict-related events during May according to @UNIraq
Iraq's electoral commission rejects parliamentary decision to partially annul May 12 poll results, conduct manual recount.
Turkish military says 3 Turkish soldiers have been killed in operations in Iraq
[email protected]: "The Coalition conducted a total of 29,358 strikes between August 2014 and end of April 2018. During this period, based on information available, CJTF-OIR assesses at least 892 civilians have been unintentionally killed by Coalition strikes"
3 month ago
PM @HaiderAlAbadi: Iraq is embarking on a new phase of reconstruction and building a prosperous economy
Iraqi Ninawa Police arrest female ISIS leader in Mamoon neighborhood of West Mosul. She was involved in the killing of the wives of 2 policemen.
UN envoy to Iraq salutes courage of explosive experts who removed 200 unstable explosive suicide belts from decaying ISIS bodies in Mosul's old city this year. I'd say they deserve a salute.
Since the May 12 victory of anti-establishment electoral lists, long-time political figures pushed out by Iraqi voters hoping for change have called for a recount - with some even calling for the poll results to be cancelled
Six Kurdish parties demand revote of Iraqi election, Jan Kubis briefs Security Council
3 month ago
PM @HaiderAlAbadi: Our intelligence agencies and security forces have advanced capabilities to track militants and safeguard Iraq and Iraqis
Abadi warns against the cancellation of the election results and the entry of Iraq into a constitutional vacuum
In Iraq, ISIS attacks village between Saladin and Diyala province and burns 2 houses. Attack resisted by 20th Division.
3 month ago
PM @HaiderAlAbadi: It is important that appeals against the results of the parliamentary elections are investigated swiftly and transparently
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