[email protected]_barzani: Erbil prepared for dialogue if Baghdad ready, will defend Kurdistan if necessary

Map. History of Iraq conflict

25 September 2018
Pics of Federal Police and ERD still stationed near Faysh Khabour since Abadi called for pause to military operations
[email protected]_barzani: Erbil prepared for dialogue if Baghdad ready, will defend Kurdistan if necessary
US Department of State: We look forward to active engagement with new KRG leaders and Gov't of Iraq for peaceful resolution of disputes under the Iraqi constitution.
Washington calls on the Iraqi government and the authorities of the Kurdistan region to work quickly to resolve the crisis between them according to the Iraqi constitution
British Foreign Secretary @BorisJohnson speaks with Kurdistan’s PM Nechirvan Barzani and PM @HaiderAlAbadi, urging peaceful resolution.
Important accomplishments of Al Abbas combat brigade in the first stage of Rawa and Qaim liberation op: Areas Liberated: - Qaim water station - Qaim Kassarat factory - Akkash valley - Azzaf valley - Razqah valley
Infographic released today by Al Abbas Combat Brigade
Iraqi Federal Police withdraws from Zummar
Iraq Ministry of Migration and Displacement says over 21,000 IDPs have returned to their homes in Mosul and wider Nineveh Province
Kurdish political parties opposed to Barzani report attacks on their offices after resignation
Kurdish journalist stabbed to death in Kirkuk province: Arkan Sharif, a 54-year-old father of three, was stabbed five times after his family were locked up in another room
Kurdistan's Peshmerga, and Iraqi army hold 3rd meeting in Fayshkhabur, with US army participation.10 month ago
Kurdistan's Peshmerga, and Iraqi army hold 3rd meeting in Fayshkhabur, with US army participation.
Iraqi PMU (Hashd) says large parts of Iraq-Syria border in W Anbar cleared of ISIS. Approaching Qaim center from West.
A Joint forces from Peshmerga, US and Iraqi border police will take control of Faysh Khabur border gate with Syria.
Inherent Resolve: Iraqi armed forces are making progress in operations to capture Al-Qaem and areas in western Anbar
All MPs safely evacuated from Parliament building with aid of Peshmerga forces
Assyrian MPs were able to exit parliament building unharmed.
PUK offices torched in Zakho
Sihad Barzani, President Barzani's representative, in Parliament building to calm down the situation, protesters left parliament gate.
TV Reporters and MPs are trapped inside the parliament building
Kurdistan Region Security Council [@KRSCPress] calls people to stay calm. "Anyone attacks parties' HQs will face strong punishment."
Barzani supporters set fire to PUK Ashti Radio station in Zakho
As Barzani steps down: the KDP (Masrur Barzani) supporters attack, burn PUK and Gorran offices in KDP-controlled cities of Duhok and Zakho.
Iraqi parliament deputy speaker calls on Erbil security forces to defend MPs and journalists attacked by KDP mobs
Gorran HQ in Zakho in flames, as pro-KDP mob set it and PUK branch in Zakho on fire
Peshmerga, Iraq army reach deal on all border crossings,army start to take the the controls of the border gates
Briefing, October 27-28 - Military Strikes Continue Against ISIS Militants in Syria and Iraq
Gunfire outside kurdistan parliament now.
Barzani: A referendum of Kurdistan will be never erased
Barzani: Attacks by Iraqi forces have forced the Peshmerga to defend itself in Makhmour, Sinjar and elsewhere
Barzani: Iraqi goal was not the implementation of the Constitution, but demolish the will of the people of Kurdistan
Barzani: PMU has committed murders and lootings against the Kurds and we will not accept this situation
Barzani renews call for dialogue to Baghdad and condemns attempts to discredit the Kurdistan
Barzani: What happened in Kirkuk is a high treason
Barzani: They postponed Hawija operation to the last days just to collect all forces and attack Kirkuk.
Barzani: During the Mosul operation, Peshmerga played major role. had not been for Peshmerga support, it wouldn't have been captured easily
Barzani: referendum on the Independence of the Kurdistan region of Iraq was to find peaceful solutions to our problems
Live: Kurdish President @Masoud_Barzani addresses the nation as he refuses to extend presidential term
More people armed with AK47 just arrived shouting "our president is Barzani"
Gorran MP tells @Mustafa_salimb that all MP's are locked in their chambers as security forces attempt to control angry supporters of KDP who stormed the building. Nervous but not panicked.
Kurdistan Parliament approves the law of the distribution of Kurdistan Region’s presidency.
Gunfire in front of the KRG parliament building in Erbil
Unknown people broke into #Kurdish #parliament and they attacked journalists
Turkish President Erdogan receives Iraqi Turkmen delegation11 month ago
Turkish President Erdogan receives Iraqi Turkmen delegation
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