PMF leader Qais Khazali publicly states, his forces fought US forces in total 5337 operations in "resistance" era.

Map. History of Iraq conflict

19 January 2018
Protesters teared down a picture of al-Quds commander Qassem Soleimani in Shiraz. Soleimani is popular for his operations in Iraq and Syria
Three bombs which resemble rocks were found on the route of a major camp of the Iranian Kurdistan Komala party.
PMF leader Qais Khazali publicly states, his forces fought US forces in total 5337 operations in "resistance" era.
New report on @CJTFOIR continuing airstrikes in December against ISIS; many near Abu Kamal and Hawija
Amidst evacuation of Hermon pocket IRGC-linked Iraqi Al-Imam Hussein Brigade showing its presence in Beit Jin area.
A committee of 7 officials (5 from Iraqi government 2 from KRG) formed to audit list of employees in the KRG's ministries of Health and Education. Iraqi delegation will visit Kurdistan Region after New Year holidays.
Car filled with gas was intended for detonation in Tikrit but discovered by a civilian and the driver was arrested by the police
Danger of ISIS beyond Iraq Syria - "It's a brand threat" says US Sec Def Jim Mattis "More than anything else it can inspire lone wolf attacks. It can inspire other groups"
Coalition December report confirms 9 new civilian casualty events which add 11 new deaths to the tally - with a further 5 civilians admitted killed in unspecified events. Overall, US-led CJTFOIR now concedes at least 817 civilians killed since 2014
Turkish jets shell Metina and Heftanin
Iraqis hoped for massive US funding to rebuild after militants' defeat; 'Not going to happen,' US official says.
[email protected]: "at least 817 civilians have been unintentionally killed by Coalition strikes" since Nov. 2014 start of air campaign against ISIS
It's propaganda
Islamic State- IED blast destroys a government vehicle and kills and wounds federal police officers- Samarra, Iraq
KRG @PMBarzani: Abadi using travel ban as a tool to punish the people of Kurdistan Region.
HRW accuses Ezidi fighters in Iraq of executing civilians
Turkish Armed Forces: 11 suspected PKK members were killed in Avaşin-Basyan areas of Northern Iraq.
Some footage from operations in Hamrin Mountains
Over 70 explosives seized in Hamrin Mountains earlier today.
It's rumor, not confirmed information, possible fake or hoax
Today in Sargaran town in Palkana Kurdish village Iraqi forces gave 3 days duration for over than 35 Kurdish families to leave their houses
US artillery at Al-Qaim phosphate plant
It's fakeAll the letters are more than a month old. Secondly it is talking about the disputed families that can go back to their families after a security check by the 11th brigade. Nothing about Dibis or anything mentioned about kurds.
Official letters signed by Kirkuk Governor and the head of Salahadin Operations to transfer Kurdish citizens from Dibis, Kirkuk villages and settele Arabs instead
ISIS encampment found on one of the islands of the Tigris River near Tal al-Zahab and Burj villages in Salahuddin Governorate:
Speaking to press on his release, ex-NRT owner Shaswar Abdulwahid Qadir says he was treated well while detained, but his arrest was 'illegal.'
Brigade 2's "A Group" detained 2 ISIS in Qasr al-Awwal village. They also uncovered weapons that were hidden by the militants.
Sulaimani International Airport chief said they have not received any official letter regarding the ban extension.
The international flight ban on Erbil airport has been extended to February 28, 2018
Iraqi security source: ISIS is returning to Hawija but using new methods. ISIS fighters hide in tunnels during the day and infiltrate close to urban areas at night. There is a security vacuum in this area.
2 Iraqi Intelligence officer killed by unknown armed men in Kirkuk.
Less than 1,000 ISIS fighters remain in Iraq and Syria: US coalition
17 PKK Members was killed in Northern Iraq.