U.S troops have been seen in Sharqat

Map. History of Iraq conflict

20 September 2018
Turkish jets once again shell Mount Asos north of Sulaimani
Two Peshmerga fighters found killed, northeastern Diyala
Photo of "unidentified helos" sighted near Tuz Khurmato
Turkish Armed Forces: strikes In Gara, Zap and Avasin-Basyan regions in the north of Iraq
Iraq deploys army near Peshmerga front, threatens to seize areas southeast Slemani
Additional photo for U.S convoy in Shirqat
U.S troops have been seen in Sharqat
Iraq's forces have reportedly cleared around 70% of the Jazirah region that runs from western Anbar all the way up to Ninawa province. Da'ish have used this desert as a safe haven as they fled major cities. Baghdad hasn't controlled this desert since 2003
NPU deployed extra reinforcements to protect people in the celebration of Barbara Festival in Karemlesh, Nineveh Plain.
Iraqi Security Forces launch major operation to stem out ISIS cells in Diyala
The remains of 20-30 Yazidi victims of ISIS have been discovered in a mass grave in the south side of Sinjar today.
Kurdish @PMBarzani press conference set-up with President @EmmanuelMacron includes Kurdistan Region's flag
4.2 magnitude earthquake hits Raniya, Sulaimani province. No casualties reported yet.
Felt earthquake M3.9 strikes 30 km SW of Ḩalabjah (Iraq)9 month ago
Felt earthquake M3.9 strikes 30 km SW of Ḩalabjah (Iraq)
Upwards of 100 villages have been captured by Iraq's armed forces during the op to capture the desert regions of Anbar, Salahuddin and Ninawa. Da'ish elements are being hunted down across the Iraqi desert
9 month ago
ISIS leader Baghdadi hiding near Iraq-Syria border, alive but injured, Iraqi military says
9 month ago
Iraqi oil minister announces extension of oil production cut agreement
Oil producers agree to extension of output curbs, Iraqi minister says
Six people killed, injured in attack, bomb blast in Baghdad
9 month ago
ISIS leader Baghdadi calls on his followers to gather in southern Libya in order to target neighboring countries to compensate for losses in Syria and Iraq.
Kurdistan Region's Prime Minister @PMBarzani meets with U.S. ambassador to Baghdad and US Consul General in Erbil, discussing latest developments in the region.
Erbil, Kurdistan region, today on prophet Mohammed's birthday
A unit known as 'Ahrar Tuz Khormatu' is calling for the PMU to withdraw from Jabal Hajira or be killed.
Brigade 33 destroyed a SVBIED before it could reach their positions earlier today in Badia Ba'aj
Iraqi forces kill 6 ISIS fighters in recently captured Hawija district.
The International coalition against Daesh: We investigate 695 reports of civilian deaths in Syria and Iraq
Iraq's Joint Operations Command denies the reports circulated in some Kurdish media about deployment of US troops to Kirkuk
Four Hashd al-Shaabi members killed in Khurmatu
Footage from Iraq Army Aviation today in Badia Ba'aj
The Islamic State released a second edition of "Flames of War" after experiencing a big setback in its communication, both quantitative and qualitative
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