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27 of April 2017 PMU destroyed a ISIS suicide car bomb that was racing toward them today in Hatra region SW Mosul Iraq.
27 of April 2017 Excellent footage of Iraq's army aviation providing air support to Hashd forces as they captured the Hatra district south of Mosul
27 of April 2017 #MosulOp: Iraq's Federal Police have found a mass burial place used by Da'ish to bury their dead militants in Mosul's old city.
27 of April 2017 Russian FM spox speaking just now: "We ask them (the West) to give an example of Russian fake news." She says no one can think of any.
27 of April 2017 Chinese drone software company DJI has quietly added 'no fly zones' to Iraq and Syria - making IS drone use more difficult.
27 of April 2017 Iraqi parliament selects Basrah as country's economic capital.
27 of April 2017 Iraqi parliament denounces Turkish strikes on Sinjar, calls on FM to summon Turkish ambassador in Baghdad on the situation.
27 of April 2017 At least 53 civilians died in likely Coalition civilian casualty incidents in the past week, according to Airwars researchers. The heavy toll continues.
27 of April 2017 Turkish army: 8 PKK militants were killed in air raids in Northern Iraq
27 of April 2017 PMU defused seized many of ISIS car bombs after a swift attack on Hatra region SW Mosul from 5 front.
27 of April 2017 Iraq Joint Operations announced following villages captured by PMU near Hatra region.: Umm Al-Ajareej, Ancient Ruma site, Tareeta
27 of April 2017 First images from inside Hatra region SW Mosul after Iraq Joint Operations announced it completely captured by PMU moments ago.
27 of April 2017 Iraq Joint Operations officially announce Hatra region SW Mosul completely captured by PMU.
27 of April 2017 PMU successfully repelled a massive that lasted 4 hours on SW Tal Afar west Mosul
26 of April 2017 White House has delegated decision-making for setting troop levels in Iraq and Syria to Pentagon, spokesperson confirms to ABC
26 of April 2017 Another UAV up in Turkey
26 of April 2017 PMU Iranian version of 106mm M40 A2 recoilless rifle mounted on Safir jeep and modified BTR-152 in Hatra south west Mosul
26 of April 2017 US spokesman on Turkeys airstrikes near Sinjar: Less than an hour's notice was " was an unsafe way to conduct operations"
26 of April 2017 .@OIRSpox We are troubled by Turkey airstrikes on SDF and Kurdish forces
26 of April 2017 IS claimed 3 Iraqi Humvee destroyed North to Hadr, South Mosul
26 of April 2017 Footage of Iraq's special forces engaged in urban warfare against Da'ish in western Mosul.
26 of April 2017 Chammal : 6 air sorties and 30 missions of artillery this week in Iraq and Syria.
26 of April 2017 Two more Iraq border guards killed by ISIS near Rutba, on road to Jordan - 3rd ambush in 4 days
26 of April 2017 Photo of security operations, launched today in the Salahadin
26 of April 2017 The battle to take western Mosul from ISIS has looked like this: a block-by-block crawl as casualties mount.
26 of April 2017 ISIS announced a counter-attack in Bab al-Tub district of Western Mosul
26 of April 2017 Iraqi forces retake ancient city of Hatra from IS: statement
26 of April 2017 PMU capture ancient city north of al-Hadar
26 of April 2017 Coalition envoy says he is in regular contact with counterparts after Turkish strikes
26 of April 2017 ISIL redeploys its fighters within the old neighborhoods and deploys snipers to new positions around the western neighborhoods
26 of April 2017 PMU have evacuated 2500 civilians since the start ( day two ) of Hatra region SW Mosul ops. Iraq
26 of April 2017 PMU reportedly reached the road leading to the Hadr from the South
26 of April 2017 12 militants killed in anti-terror operations conducted against PKK in Turkey's Hakkari province, Iraq's Zap
26 of April 2017 PMU reached outskirts of Al Hadar city from the north
26 of April 2017 A large-scale operation has been launched by Iraqi army and PMU to clear Al-Mutabijah and the surrounding areas SE Samarra.
26 of April 2017 Turkey launches airstrikes against Çemço and Avaşin in PKK controlled border areas of Iraq: ANF
26 of April 2017 Iraq's Hashd are storming ahead with their Hatra offensive, liberating the Sa'dan and Sa'idiyah villages and the old army depots.
26 of April 2017 Iraq's armed forces have launched an offensive to uproot Da'ish from their Mutaibijah stronghold on the Diyala-Salahuddin border.
26 of April 2017 Iraq joint operations announce Saadan and Saidyia villages east of Hatra region SW Mosul completely captured by PMU.
25 of April 2017 Recent footage of Iraq's special forces fighting in the Al-Abar district.
25 of April 2017 Through the night PMU continue to evacuate civilians fleeing ISIS
25 of April 2017 Big progress by Iraq's Hashd as they advance on the Hatra district in southern Ninawa. Around a dozen villages retaken.
25 of April 2017 "Turkish airstrikes certainly are not against Peshmarga" says Turkish President Erdogan
25 of April 2017 The sound of planes is being heard right now by people on the ground in Sinjar/Shingal.
25 of April 2017 Turkish President Erdoğan says Turkey has informed US, Russia and Iraq before striking PKK targets in Syria and Iraq
25 of April 2017 Tonner: Turkey strikes "not approved" by allied forces. "Military action in Iraq should respect Iraqi sovereignty."
25 of April 2017 IS reports that they have regained control of the al-Arba'a market and other positions on the outskirts of Bab al-Tub, Mosul-West. Iraq
25 of April 2017 Three of the Peshmarga fighters injured in the Turkish airstrikes on Sinjar Mount to be sent to Turkey for treatment
25 of April 2017 Turkish Operation command center during airstrikes on Iraq and Syria
25 of April 2017 PMU defusing a ISIS car bomb SW Mosul that is packet with tons of explosives with no protective gear just pliers
25 of April 2017 Mosul Old district moments ago, as Iraqi Federal Police advance east of Al-Nuri Mosque.
25 of April 2017 More US military convoys arrived to AlAsad base in Anbar, plans undergo to start a wide range operation against ISIL West the province.
25 of April 2017 PMU Operations in SW Mosul Iraq
25 of April 2017 PMU stated that after liberating Al-Khathir region SW Mosul they well head to Baaj and the Iraqi-Syrian border line.
25 of April 2017 PMU are transferring civilians that ran away from ISIS controlled villages near Al-Khathir SW Mosul today. Iraq
25 of April 2017 Iraqi MFA: Turkish airstrikes will not bring "Peace", will complicate and destabilize the area.
25 of April 2017 Iraqi MFA: Any operation without Iraqi government coordination will be completely rejected.
25 of April 2017 Iraqi MFA: Turkish airstrikes in Sinjar mountain is violations of Iraq's sovereignty
25 of April 2017 Ministry of Peshmerga: Five Peshmerga martyred and nine wounded as a result of Turkey's attacks on PKK positions on and around Mt. Sinjar.
25 of April 2017 Photos: PMU operations in Al Hadar district
25 of April 2017 Scenes of the aftermath of Turkish airstrike on Mount Shingal.
25 of April 2017 Footage of Turkish airstrikes in Sinjar.
25 of April 2017 Iraqi Counter Terrorism Forces liberated the neighbourhood of al-Tanak in western Mosul. Iraq
25 of April 2017 PYD closed the Peshabur border point between Kurdistan Region and North Syria
25 of April 2017 Footage shows PKK fighters returning to their positions after Turkish airstrike struck Peshmerga position on Mount Shingal
25 of April 2017 Iraq Federal police units launched a surprise attack in Mosul Old district and made great advance toward Al-Nuri Mosque
25 of April 2017 CTS forces claim to have secured the sprawling western Tanak neighborhood in Mosul. Once one of the more pro-IS neighborhoods.
25 of April 2017 Iraq joint operations announce Al-Dabeesa and Khanifis villages SW Mosul completely captured by PMU.
25 of April 2017 Mohamad Rasul al Allah opeartion area in South of Mosul
25 of April 2017 Ministry of Peshmerga releases a statement on Turkish airstrikes in Sinjar mount. MoP: #PKK presence causes tension and problems in #Sinjar area. #KRG always asked #PKK to leave #Sinjar, but they are not responding to anyone.
25 of April 2017 Video: Preparations of PMU for Hadr operations
25 of April 2017 Local police forces free two Christian women from ISIS in al-Tanak neighborhood - West of Mosul
25 of April 2017 The moment when PMU got the call to advance toward Al-Khathir region SW Mosul Iraq.
25 of April 2017 PMU captured Elabia Sharqi and Gharbi villages from ISIS on Hadher front
25 of April 2017 Iraq joint operations officially announce Aleeba Shirqyia and Aleeba Gharbeeya villages SW Mosul completely captured by PMU.
25 of April 2017 Turkish airstrikes target radio stations, Dengê Rojava and Cira in both Derik and Sinjar. Killed and wounded media workers at Dengê Rojava.
25 of April 2017 Start of New operation South to Mosul
25 of April 2017 Turkish airstrike targeted Peshmerga position on mount Shingal. 5 Peshmerga martyred, 7 wounded. the wounded evacuated to Duhok hospital.
25 of April 2017 YBŞ commander Mazlum Shingal says YBŞ positions, Peshmerga points and civilian areas were targeted in Turkish airstrikes on Sinjar.
25 of April 2017 Turkish airstrikes, lasted nearly an hour, targeted positions of PKK-affiliated groups in North Syria [Derik] and Kurdistan Region of Iraq [Shingal].
25 of April 2017 Iraqi forces captured two ISIS militants Syrian nationals that tried to sneak into Iraq desert near the border.
25 of April 2017 Iraq joint operations officially announce following villages SW Mosul captured by PMU: Alwani, Ain Sadeed, Tal Halala, Jaf Khail
25 of April 2017 PMU captured Tell Halala
25 of April 2017 According to Rudaw, 5 KDP Peshmergas were killed whilst 9 others were injured in the Turkish warplanes' strikes against Mount Sinjar.
25 of April 2017 People's Mobilization Forces captured Jaf al Khayl, S-W Mosul
25 of April 2017 PMU forces captured Ain Sadid village, South to Hadr, Souther Mosul
25 of April 2017 Iraq joint operations have launched major operations SW Mosul by PMU. The goal of the ops is to liberate Al-Khathir region.
25 of April 2017 Turkish warplanes struck YPG Command HQ and villages in Derik at 2:00 am last night, simultaneous to strikes on Sinjar. Casualties reported.
25 of April 2017 Al Hashd Al Shababi captured Tel Halel and Al Muslatan
24 of April 2017 Footage captured of the recent Da'ish suicide bomber/inghimasi attack on Iraq's forces near Hammam Al-'Alil south of Mosul.
24 of April 2017 Iraq's army conducting clearing ops along the Diyala-Salahuddin border region, a historic Da'ish stronghold.
24 of April 2017 TuAF conducted strikes and destroyed 4 PKK targets in the mountainous Matina area of KRG.
24 of April 2017 The moment when a ISIS suicide bomber detonated himself near Iraqi soldiers and journalists in south Mosul. No one injured.
24 of April 2017 Amaq says that 22 were killed, 48 wounded in coalition airstrike on Western Mosul
24 of April 2017 All 23 Abductee freed, after 4 hours of detention by Shia armed militants.
24 of April 2017 A closer look at the IS humvee, captured by the FSA. Note the Iraqi plates.
24 of April 2017 Ameeriya Fallujah: Iraqi Hezbollah kidnap 23 civilians from the area
24 of April 2017 Iraq Federal Police Units continue to make gains in Mosul Old district and surround ISIS
24 of April 2017 PMU killed 4 ISIS suicide bombers that sneaked into north Baiji Salah Al-Din province Iraq.
24 of April 2017 Allegedly IED exploded north of Sammara, hitting Federal Police car and destroying car and killing its crew. Iraq
24 of April 2017 Iraq Federal Police Units captured ISIS commanders near ras Al-Jada stadium in Mosul Old district after killing all of his militants.
24 of April 2017 Rudaw on board the USS George H.W. Bush carrier: Bombing and haunting ISIS since day one
23 of April 2017 An RQ-11B in Mosul was found by ISIS
23 of April 2017 Iraqi forces supported by PMU successfully repelled ISIS attack on Rutba west Anbar.
23 of April 2017 IS'S media arm claims to have killed 18 PMU members in a new offensive near Rutbah Iraq
23 of April 2017 35 Da'ish militants killed by a large-scale op by Iraq's army near Haditha in western Anbar. Mainly via coalition and Iraqi airstrikes.
23 of April 2017 Iraq's army aviation bombing Da'ish targets in western Mosul.
23 of April 2017 Iraqi intelligence captured 2 ISIS suicide bomber in Ameria west Baghdad city, they were plotting attacks civilians.
23 of April 2017 PMU successfully repelled an ISIS attack on Qasr Mahrab village SW Tal Afar west Mosul, multiple militants killed and 4 vehicles destroyed.
23 of April 2017 A general from the IRGC began his new position this week as Tehran’s ambassador to Iraq
23 of April 2017 Germany would not send new arms shipments to KRG nor would it expand military training
23 of April 2017 Turkish warplanes heavily bombarding areas near Amedi, Eastern Duhok
23 of April 2017 More than 10 ISIL militants infiltrated into Iraqi federal police near HamamAlil, many of them killed, others ran away.
23 of April 2017 Picture of latest Turkish warplane bombardment in Zakho.
23 of April 2017 A suicide bomber detonated his explosives within 30 meters of Rudaw reporting near Mosul. Rudaw's team is safe, but still besieged.
23 of April 2017 ISIS sleeper cells (+suicide bombers) attacked Iraqi Federal Police HQ at around 9AM. Fighting is ongoing. Iraqi forces try to break siege.
23 of April 2017 Massive clashes reported between Iraqi Federal police and ISIS militants western Hammam al Alil, south of Mosul
23 of April 2017 ISIS launches major attack on the Iraqi Federal Police HQ in Urej village, western Hamam Alil, south Mosul. the HQ is besieged
23 of April 2017 Iraqi forces captured al Sehah and Thourah neighbourhoods in Mosul
22 of April 2017 M-1 Abrams tank takes out an IS up-armored truck SVBIED painted blue in Yarmouk area, W. Mosul. Filmed via drone
22 of April 2017 Abdulrahman Al-Shami, renowned Da'ish commander, was killed by Iraq's PMUs 2 days ago during a battle west of Mosul.
22 of April 2017 Map of the situation in northern Iraq: •Tal 'Afar is completely surrounded. •Mosul is nearly captured. •Next target is Ba'aj.
22 of April 2017 ISIS mortar attacks injure civilians in Tanak and Thaura neighborhoods in West Mosul & Muhandisin in E Mosul.
22 of April 2017 .@masoud_barzani urges Kurdish media to support independence referendum
22 of April 2017
22 of April 2017 Iraq National security service seized ISIS documents and computers with all names "pledged allegiance to the caliphate" in Mosul.
21 of April 2017 Turkish military shells Amedi in the Kurdistan Region Iraq
21 of April 2017 Large arms cache seized in Fallujah. Note the gas masks and the SA-7 pattern MANPADS launch tubes
21 of April 2017 April 20, Coalition forces conducted 32 strikes consisting of 80 engagements against ISIS in Syria and Iraq
21 of April 2017 Iraqi forces blew up a ISIS car bomb and arrested that driver that was heading with it toward Baghdad.
21 of April 2017 Iraqi officials: 26 hostages, including members of Qatar's ruling family, released after 16 months in captivity in Iraq.
21 of April 2017 New ISIS VBIED armed with missiles used against Iraqi army in Western Mosul
21 of April 2017 IS'S media arm claims to have killed few Iraqi soldiers and destroyed 2 vehicles after two IED's exploded near Samarra Iraq
21 of April 2017 IS claimed a SVBIED targeted gathering of Iraqi troops in Al Tanak district of Western Mosul
21 of April 2017 Iraqi forces killed ISIS suicide bomber on a motorbike wearing police uniform that tried to target pilgrims south Baghdad.
21 of April 2017 Footage of rooftop warfare as Iraq's special forces engage Da'ish in the Tanak
20 of April 2017 IS have started mounting rockets on top of their up-armored SVBIEDs in Mosul, can be fired at enemy by driver before detonation.
20 of April 2017 Iraqi MP: will Iraqi PM cut off the Turkish President's hand as he promised to do to anyone who insults Iraqi PMU?
20 of April 2017 Iraqi forces repel ISIS attack on Telafar airport, West of Mosul
20 of April 2017 20 Apr: @iraqicts liberate Mosul's Nahrwan (aka Tanak) as ISIS flee
20 of April 2017 20+ militants killed by Iraq's army aviation during an air raid on a Da'ish training camp in the desert between Haditha and Rawa.
20 of April 2017 Abdullah Al-Husseini, senior commander and a close aide of Al-Baghdadi, has been killed by Iraq's forces in Mosul's old city.
20 of April 2017 Massive raids carried out by Iraq's Air Force today. F-16 jets bombed 4 IED/car bomb factories in Tal 'Afar on top of the Ba'aj strikes.
20 of April 2017 Iraq summons the Turkish ambassador to protest Erdogan comments on PMF "PMF is a terrorist organization"
20 of April 2017 Iraq summons Turkish Ambassador
20 of April 2017 Iraq's armed forces have captured the Al-Nasr district in western Mosul.
20 of April 2017 Barzani: The international community didn't provide the required weapons in the fight against ISIL.
19 of April 2017 30+ Da'ish casualties today during heavy fighting in Mosul's old city district as Iraq's forces push towards the symbolic Al-Nuri mosque.
19 of April 2017 Iraq's special forces are now using launchers made by Da'ish against them. Dozens of launchers have been seized in Mosul.
19 of April 2017 ISIS has purportedly launched 32 suicide ops in Mosul during the 6th month of the #MosulOffensive (March 18-April 17). Iraq
19 of April 2017 Iraqi forces and intelligence control detonation of a ISIS car bomb in west Baghdad.
19 of April 2017 Video of ISIS garage that was seized by Iraq Federal Police units in Al-kaeedat west Mosul.
19 of April 2017 US approves 295.6 million USD military equipment sale to Peshmerga
19 of April 2017 US State Dept. has approved $290M to equip Iraqi Kurd units with 4K M16s, over 100 Humvees and 36 howitzers
19 of April 2017 Chammal : 6 strike and 32 missions of artillery this week in Iraq.
19 of April 2017 PMU targeting a ISIS gathering in Makhoul mountains, multiple militants were killed. Iraq
19 of April 2017 Footage of urban warfare between Iraq's Federal Police and Da'ish. Not far from the Al-Nuri mosque.
19 of April 2017 Iraq PM @HaiderAlAbadi visits Mosul
19 of April 2017 Iraq PM @HaiderAlAbadi has arrived to Mosul city to check on the operations.
19 of April 2017 ISIS fired multiple random rockets and mortars on civilians in Ras Al-Jada NW Mosul Old district, multiple civilians injured & Cars burned.
19 of April 2017 Iraqi Army lighting it up in Tal Afar west Mosul.
18 of April 2017 Canada deploys aircrew from the Royal Canadian Air Force to the Kurdistan Region.
18 of April 2017 Russian R-40 air-to-air missiles captured by Iraq's forces in Mosul. Captured in Syria. Da'ish reportedly wanted to use them as CWs.
18 of April 2017 Rapid Response Div and ISIS battling in 1 house in Mosul Old district
18 of April 2017 More than a dozen civilians killed by a suicide bomber driving a car bomb in Mosul's Thawra district. Detonated near a security checkpoint.
18 of April 2017 Nearly half a million civilians have fled Mosul since fighting began 6 months ago; hundreds of thousands more may flee in the weeks to come.
18 of April 2017 Russian IS commander Abu Hajar al Rusi killed in Mosul as Iraqi forces enter district defended by 300-strong 'Tajik battalion'
18 of April 2017 Flares lighting up Mosul Old district as fierce clashes continue to this minute. Iraq
18 of April 2017 Russia denies knowledge of arrest of ISIS leader Baghdadi
18 of April 2017 Nineveh Media Center: Last updated map of situation in Mosul
18 of April 2017 Islamic State group Claims 2 Suicide Bombings Against ISF In Mosul
18 of April 2017 PMU Abbas brigade announced that they are ready and operations in west Mosul (Tal Afar) will start soon. Iraq
18 of April 2017 Major Da'ish terror cell captured by Iraq's military intel. Cell belongs to "Wilayat N. Baghdad" and were planning large attacks.
18 of April 2017 CTS control 90% of Mosul's Thawra (aka al-Shoora) neighbourhood and @ArmY_Iq 9th Div has 30% Mashrifa
18 of April 2017 Additional US forces arrived to AlAsad base in Anbar, in preparation for starting western Anbar liberation process.
18 of April 2017 Smoke rises over the Mosul's Old City #MosulOffensive
18 of April 2017 Situation near Mosul: about 100 000 soldiers deployed against 5000 ISIS
18 of April 2017 Iraqi forces control 75% of western Mosul: municipal official
17 of April 2017 Dutch journalist @HansJMelissen comparing his rental Kia with the same model turned into an SVBIED in W. Mosul
17 of April 2017 ISIS released a video for Mosul Old district. In the video they say " We are booby-trapping houses road and digging tunnels to slow forces"
17 of April 2017 ISIL planning to attack the residential areas in western Mosul with chemical gas - Military
17 of April 2017 #MosulOp: Footage of urban warfare between Iraq's Federal Police and Da'ish in the heart of Mosul.
17 of April 2017 Night-time Security Ops Conducted By Iraq's Armed Forces In The Mansour Area In Western Mosul.
17 of April 2017 PMU fighter stand in the face of a ISIS suicide car bomb that is racing toward them and takes it out with 1 RPG shot Mosul.
17 of April 2017 Iraqi Federal Police units are getting closer to the Prize Al-Nuri Mosque in Mosul Old district.
17 of April 2017 Qawqazi (from the Caucasus) was shot outside his home by unknown gunmen. Da'ish leadership has declared a state of emergency in Tal 'Afar.
17 of April 2017 Hasiballah Al-Qawqazi, very high-ranking foreign commander/close aide to Al-Baghdadi, assassinated in central Tal 'Afar, Iraq.
17 of April 2017 Iraq's commanders lead from the front. Meeting of special forces commanders in western Mosul to plan imminent ops.
17 of April 2017 Footage from the Thawra district in western Mosul as Iraq's special forces fight to retake it.
17 of April 2017 ISIS UAV attack on Hashd forces North-West to Mosul
16 of April 2017 NReports of a suicide bomber detonating among a Da'ish gathering in central Tal 'Afar, killing 7 + wounding 11.
16 of April 2017 Armed drone that hit Iraqi army barracks in Tel Zalat, West of Mosul. Iraq
16 of April 2017 Da'ish car bomb captured by Iraq's Hashd after a failed assault west of Mosul.
16 of April 2017 Mosul stadium, under the control of Iraq's armed forces
16 of April 2017 Iraq Mosul - IS claims having killed 35 Iraqi special forces in artillery shelling west of Mosul.
16 of April 2017 Aftermath of massive airstrikes by Iraq's Air Force targeting Da'ish in central Mosul
16 of April 2017 ISIS media arm informs about heavy civilian casualties amid Inherent Resolve airstrikes on Western Mosul neighborhoods
16 of April 2017 Footage of Iraq's Federal engaged in urban warfare with Da'ish in the heart of Mosul.
16 of April 2017 Iraq Mosul - IS claims to have killed and wounded 19 Iraqi federal police officers and to have damaged 3 of their vehicles, west of Mosul
16 of April 2017 Iraqi forces making new push toward Old City in Mosul
16 of April 2017 Da'ish militants who fled Yarmouk, Abar and Matahin districts are currently based in Mosul's Thawra. Iraq's forces shelling their positions.
16 of April 2017 Heavy fighting ongoing as Iraq's special forces storm the Thawra district in western Mosul.
16 of April 2017 Reports that 42 civilians were killed yesterday in the Bab Sinjar area in Mosul after US-led coalition jets levelled a building.
16 of April 2017 Iraq Joint Operations announce that Counter Terrorism units have stormed Al-Thawra district west Mosul.
16 of April 2017 Iraq's Federal Police and Rapid Response launched a multi-pronged attack on Mosul's old city, towards the 5th bridge and Al-Nuri mosque.
16 of April 2017 Iraq's Federal Police have reportedly made great progress this morning in Mosul's old city, advancing toward the Al-Nuri mosque.
16 of April 2017 Video shows Iraqi Federal police in control of Mosul stadium NW of Al-Nuri mosque in the Old district.
16 of April 2017 Tal 'Afar: Night assault by Da'ish inghimasi (suicide) militants on a position manned by Iraq's army repelled. NV Abrams MBT footage.
16 of April 2017 Da'ish-produced launchers captured by Iraq's armed forces during ops in western Mosul. Usually used by Da'ish special forces.
16 of April 2017 MosulOp: Iraq's Rapid Response units taking part in night-time raids on Da'ish positions in central Mosul.
15 of April 2017 Arsonists torch headquarters of Turkmen party in Kirkuk, party head says.
15 of April 2017 Iraq's army has successfully wrapped up the week-long operation in Tarmiyah, north of Baghdad, to dislodge Da'ish sleeper cells.
14 of April 2017 Iraq's special forces are carrying out daily night-time raids into the heart of Da'ish-held neighbourhoods in Mosul to weaken enemy units.
14 of April 2017 Turkish aircraft hit PKK position in northern Iraq, says PKK planning attack on military base.
14 of April 2017 Launchers in remaining IS Mosul from new short video
14 of April 2017 Iraq federal police destroyed ISIS HQ command and control in Mosul Old district after getting information from civilians & drones
14 of April 2017 CJTFOIR is supporting the effort to fully liberate Mosul and Defeat Daesh in Iraq and Syria.
14 of April 2017 The latest image of Al-Nuri mosque in Mosul Old district and the Iraqi flag is seen really close to the mosque.
14 of April 2017 Baghdad: "3"persons were killed as an IED exploded in Furat neighborhood west of Baghdad.
13 of April 2017 The Iraq Army 9th Division are officially into the administrative border of west Mosul city from the NW front.
13 of April 2017 A plane of Iranian Revolutionary Guard, 15-2252 An-74T-200, spotted in Syrias T4 air base. IRGC
13 of April 2017 Iraq'i forces in Mosul with a taiwanese counter UAV system (RAYSUN MD1 Multicopter Defender)
13 of April 2017 UN Damage Assessment Shows Extensive Destruction in Western Mosul
13 of April 2017 Iraqi army in new advance killed 13 ISIS militants, destroyed 7 IEDs
13 of April 2017 In an attempt to open another front, Iraqi 9th division liberates Hulaylah yesterday night, and now moving to Musharriafah.
12 of April 2017 Three SVBIEDS used today in West and north-west of Mosul Iraq
12 of April 2017 Rapid Response Division continue to evacuate civilians from Mosul Old district. Iraq
12 of April 2017 Chammal : 4 air and 58 missions of artillery this week in Iraq.
12 of April 2017 Intense fighting ongoing in Tanak, western Mosul, as Iraq's special forces launched a massive op vs. Da'ish in the district.
12 of April 2017 Iraqi armed forces to storm Al Tanek/Al Nahrawan neighborhood in Mosul after a while
12 of April 2017 Iraq-i FM Ibrahim al-Jaafari arrives in Erbil. He will participate in a conference held by @OfficialAuk in Duhok
12 of April 2017 Iraqi FM, Ibrahim Jaafari, arrived in Erbil, capital of Kurdistan Region, for an official visit, expected to meet KRG officials.
11 of April 2017 Iraq Federal Police units seized a ISIS weapons cache in Mosul Old district, 1000+ rockets and over 100 bag of explosives.
11 of April 2017 Iraq's Muqtada al-Sadr warns Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and says he will face the fate of Libya's Muammar Gaddafi if he does not resign.
11 of April 2017 Iraq's powerful Shiite leader Muqtada al-Sadr calls for the resignation of Syria's Bashar al-Assad for the second time
11 of April 2017 CJTFOIR conducted 32 strikes consisting of 102 engagements against ISIS in Syria and Iraq
11 of April 2017 ISIS claimed that it has destroyed 3 Humvees and killed a commander of the intelligence of the Iraqi army in an attack East of Baquba. Iraq
11 of April 2017 Iraqi forces begin storming Old Mosul neighborhood in W Mosul today after a 20 day pause.
11 of April 2017 PUK, KDP Politburos hold talks in Erbil on Kurdistan independence referendum.
11 of April 2017 Iraqi forces eliminate ISIL gathering near Hawija Iraq
11 of April 2017 Russian President Putin says the Iraq war has led to the emergence of ISIS group during presser with his Italian counterpart.
11 of April 2017 KDP and PUK: We will hold referendum on Kurdistan independence in 2017.
11 of April 2017 Tilerson: Our priority in Syria and Iraq is to defeat ISIS
11 of April 2017 Iraqi Federal Police attack 3x I.S defensive positions near Al-Hadba lighthouse (near Al Nouri Mosque) killing 5x I.S
11 of April 2017 IS now controls less than seven percent of Iraq: army
11 of April 2017 ISIS only now controls 6.8 percent of Iraqi territory, says official spokesman
11 of April 2017 Successful night raid 3 AM last night by Federal police units in Mosul Old district, Iraqi forces moved closer to Al-Nuri Mosque
11 of April 2017 Da'ish vehicles captured by Iraq's army after liberating the Rahaniyah village west of Mosul.
11 of April 2017 Counter Terrorism units right now advancing in west Mosul Iraq.
10 of April 2017 ISF downed these (non-attack) UAVs around West Mosul.
10 of April 2017 ICTS captured al Sikak and Firsr Yarmook quarters in West of Mosul


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